Gail Hafelfinger CRS,
Broker Associate

Mountain Top to Beach Front

From Fred & Kathy...

Gail, we want to say thank you for representing our interests in the sale of our condo in San Mateo. Your professionalism and thoroughness gave us the comfort we were hoping to achieve.  We feel you always went the extra step to ensure our best interests.  When it came time to sell our mountain home, we were so happy to hear that you would represent us once again.  Once again, you went above and beyond to represent our interests, including being there for all inspections, as you did with the sale of our condo.  Your professionalism, integrity and just being an amazing person makes us so happy that you represented us in both our transactions.

Cheers!  Kathy and Fred

From Vanna...
Gail Hafelfinger helped me so much with a very difficult sale. She is a very kind and nice person who knew just what to do realistically and proactively. She gave me great advice, as well as keeping me up to date at every single stage of the sale.  She deserves all my gratitude. 

From Vicki...
Hope you are well. Once again, I want to thank you for all of your efforts.  You are wonderful.Thanks for sending all the tax papers and just everything.

From Peter and Melinda...
Aloha e Gail,
I think in every profession, you can find the rare individual who relates to their work with a deep sense of "pono" (correctness/rightness), dedication and altruism.  I felt I did that in my work with children, Melinda did that with her library work, and our children are doing that in their lives now.  And you, most assuredly, have done that in spades.  The lengths you went to for us- the longest waits, stalls and re-starts, quirky potential buyers, well, you know…  And to top it off, helping with the whole renting thing.  I mean, everything, and including all that led to it, waiting at the bank in Half Moon Bay for, well thank-akua-Iʻve-forgotten-her-name-by-now, to show up with a payment.

You are the best.  You are the one who educated me that "realtors make money like bandits" is a myth.  You are a precious gem in a industry that, well, often cuts corners to make the quick buck.  We think of you often.  The invitation to visit us here in Hawaiʻi nei is steadfast.

Me ke aloha pumehana,
Peter & Melinda

From Iris and Karel...
We are happy that we could close escrow as planned and we are looking forward to starting a new chapter. This, however, would not have been possible without your help along this journey. We sincerely thank you for your dedication, presence, and persistence and for seeing this through with us. We very much appreciate all you did for us.
All the best!
Iris and Karel

From Susan T...
"I’ve bought and sold several homes in the past but have never been so fortunate as to have an agent like Gail.  I will never use anyone else.  We purchased at a time when there were 10+ offers, many in cash, for each listing. Gail was always well prepared when we were considering offers with a clear understanding of the home inspection reports, market comparative prices, city ordinances and real estate taxes.  She looked out for us when we became frustrated and even flat out discouraged me from purchasing a house that she knew I would not have been happy with. In the end we found the perfect home and couldn’t be happier."

From Antonio M-A... 
"When moving from Texas, my wife and I had so many dreams about getting a beautiful home in our promised land, The Peninsula. We both had good jobs and many ideas and plans ahead.  On arrival we clashed against reality:   Everything seemed so out of reach and what was reachable we didn't like. After a search of 3 months our hearts were broken. Finding Gail was like finding Virgil, she took us out of our real estate inferno, patiently working with us and kindly talking us out of mistakes and misconceptions, helping us find the house we love. I could write a long list of adjectives describing her, such as honest, serious, hardworking, professional, knowledgeable  friendly and more but I won't.  I will instead say thank you, Gail."

From Parry...
"Hi Gail, I just can’t believe we actually got this place. It seems as though you pulled off a miracle. In nearly every respect it is way better than the Cowper St. home.  Who would have thought?  And it’s way better than anything we had looked at previously.  The place just feels right.  We couldn’t be happier. Many, many thanks, Parry."

From Teresa B...
"I have recently completed my fourth real estate transaction with Gail Hafelfinger. I have used other agents before her and none since I have found her. I have a point of reference and can honestly and objectively say she is the best in her business. She understands every aspect of the business. She has not been stumped by any issue that has come up, and they come up. She is calm, extremely intelligent, sensitive to our needs, insightful, reliable, and most of all she has integrity, she is honest and trustworthy. I will never use another agent. None compare to her expertise."

From Bill and Ann...
"Gail, We want to thank you for stopping by last week.  We also want to thank you so much for the awesome work you did in preparing our home for the market.  You were so efficient and organized and things went like clockwork.  Besides the buyer, I loved how we had everything in place needed to make a quick and easy, effortless sale.  From the termite and septic inspections to help with all the paperwork, your efforts made our job as homeowners in the sales process much less stressful and even enjoyable.  The beautiful online photos and flyers I'm sure also contributed to the quick sale.  We feel very lucky with our timing and to find the buyer we did.  I am so glad everything was so well organized and ready to go.  Thank you, thank you.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need a referral in the future."

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